Hugh at work in the Studio


Irish Cottage with a rare Chambers Automobile. Guache on Watercolor paper. From a series of studies on Vintage Irish Transportation.

The Film Runner. Production Assistant Cartoon. Pencil on Board. Private Collection, Ireland.

New Hope. Sunrise, exuberence, and the warrior spirit. Acrylic on Canvas.
Hugh O'Neill was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. A creative force from the get-go, Hugh was producing comic strips, devising fx shots for film ideas and trying to interest Lego in his new product designs before his 10th birthday. Some years later despite Hugh's best efforts to work in illustration and design for print media, doors started opening which lead to creative opportunities in the realms of the performing arts, film and television instead.

Hugh developed his skills working in many areas of the visual and performing arts in Dublin, London, Orlando and Los Angeles. Though his creative focus has always returned to painting, Hugh has written and directed documentaries that have aired on PBS and The Discovery Channel. His design concepts have been used by Independant Film-Makers, Nickelodeon Studios, The CSI television series, and in commercials for Fortune 500 companies. He has contributed to magazines in Ireland and the U.S., and prints of his Traditional Irish Cottage paintings have been distributed all over the Western World. He also donates his work for use by non profit organizations.

Hugh's interest in History (and a desire not to repeat it), science, nature and the complexities of the Human condition combined with his own life journey has greatly influenced his more recent work and gave rise to the "Art for the Spirit" project. His art has been acquired by private collectors, business owners, and contemporary Spiritual teachers and students in the U.S. and Europe. He lives and works in Southern California.


Growing up in Ireland you can't avoid politics and a share of melancholy. I spent a number of years in my early twenties working in the International news arena and then went on to making military history programs for a while. You see things and learn things about how the world works that affects you deeply and can leave you despairing for our species. As an artist I want to say something and there can be quite a temptation to "curse the darkness" so to speak. I made quite a number of political cartoons/illustrations over the years a few of which drew some heat. These days however, at least for now, I'm staying away from portraying the dark side of the human conundrum which can drive people to become more numb. Instead I have been making a conscious effort to look for ways to explore the positive. Over the last number of years one of the subjects that has really sparked my interest is how new ideas emerging from science are more in harmony than conflict with metaphysics and ancient esoteric wisdom. Our understanding of the Universe hasn't changed like this since the time of Galileo. There's a real shift in consciousness taking place that I'd like to be a part of. Our social/spiritual paradigm is being re-examined and overhauled as never before. Here we are in the world trying to reconcile the technology of search engines, i-pads, mass communication and globalisation, with yoga, meditation, visualization and Manifestation. It's early days I know, but we are coming into this time without a contemporary visual language. As an artist being part of these changes there are so many new frontiers to explore. How could you illustrate the convergence of thought, or the principles at work in these realms? What will the landscapes, portraits, illustrations, cartoons, posters, handbooks, billboards, roadsigns and even the grafitti for this new Era look like? And can we have a sense of humour about it?
Hugh O'Neill.